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Peace Week celebrated


Last week, Sancta Maria College celebrated Peace Week, a full week devoted to spreading awareness of peace and the work of the Peace Foundation, an organisation dedicated to working towards a world of peace. Peace Week is a week fully devoted to the idea of peace, promoting the idea to young people worldwide.

In this world where many people live in poverty and war, all of us can give them the chance at a better life by helping to raise awareness of the need for world peace. “We really have no choice but to work for peace, because the alternative is too terrible.”

Mrs Kevern recently took a group of students to the 2019 Peace Symposium at the Auckland University of Technology, which had workshops and guest speakers, educating them about peace and the place it had in the world’s future. The students who attended this symposium now form Sancta Maria’ Colleges Peace Team.

On Tuesday, the Peace Team organised a “Chalk it Out” activity in C Block, where students used chalk to draw and write what they thought peace was all about. Last Friday they also held a sausage sizzle fundraiser. The earnings from this fundraiser will go towards the Peace Foundation, Youthline, and a Peace Education Trust in Pakistan.

Peace Week aims to remind students across New Zealand that while Peace Week may only last 6 days, the fight for peace is a constant effort.

Adrian Vargas