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Peaceful Conflict and Mediation

As we ease into a busy school year, the Year 12 Peer Support Leaders took time out of their schedule this week to engage in a Peace Foundation programme focused on the topic of Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

Christina Barruel and Katherine Matthews from the Peace Foundation facilitated the programme and activities that the Year 12s took part in.

The morning started with the Year 12s discussing diversity and how it should and could be celebrated. Later, everyone took part in an activity involving a conflict. Uniquely, the conflict example was over an orange!

Through this, some groups were able to resolve the conflict through active listening; keeping calm and finding a solution for the issue while others were unable to find middle ground.

Throughout the day, each leader was able to communicate their ideas on topics and ways they cope with conflict and resolution. This allowed others to think carefully and develop a sense of understanding of their peers’ feelings. The Year 12s learnt about the techniques of being a good listener, where it was always important to understand that there are two sides of a story, staying neutral when it comes to mediating others in a problem, and always engaging in conversations to show attentiveness and support for others.

In the afternoon, students learnt to distinguish the difference between feelings and perceptions, sharing what needs there are for specific feelings they experience. The Year 12s also focused on themselves, and what tendencies they have when faced with a conflict or a decision-making situation. This allowed them to tap into the more personal aspects of the programme, where they were able to learn more about themselves as humans.

From the enlightening, inspiring and interesting experiences, the Year 12 Peer Support Leaders can adapt their learning throughout the sessions they have with the Year 8s starting in Week 5.

Their knowledge of Peaceful Conflict and Mediation allows them to build a safe environment around Sancta Maria College and grow into the student leaders they aspire to be.

Nasya Chin