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Peer Support Back on Track

Peer support leaders are back on track visiting Year 7 and 8 homerooms again after putting their valued work on hold for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Year 11 leaders are organised into groups of about five and each group has a Year 7 homeroom which they will continue to visit every Friday during homeroom time. Year 12 leaders are similarly arranged into teams, however, they support Year 8 homerooms.

While we adjust to the ‘new normal’, the Year 11 and 12 leaders are currently working on helping their buddy homeroom students become aware of the emotions they felt while at home due to the coronavirus and how they are feeling now.

We want them to be able to express their feelings and understand that it is okay to feel a range of different emotions during these unprecedented times.

As the term comes to an end we are also completing activities based around the idea of communication and what it means to be effective with our interactions with others. This teaches the students important and valuable skills which will be useful not only in school but also as they move out into the wider world.

Sydney Causer