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Penguin Rescue benefits from bake sale


$340.10 was raised at the Yellow Cupcake sale, organized by the Year 10 and 11 students of the French department in conjunction with Mr. Bidwell, a trustee of the ‘Penguin Rescue’ organization.

During previous years this bake sale was the “Purple Cupcake day”. However, inspired by the French visitors who came to New Zealand earlier in the year, Anne-Laure and Pascal, it was decided to give this year’s bake sale an environmental emphasis. Anne-Laure and Pascal, as part of their own organization, travel the world together and give back to the countries they visit by raising awareness—through well-made videos—about various animal rescue organizations.

When they came to NZ their primary focus was the Yellow Eyed Penguins. Following this, the French department changed the Purple cupcake to the Yellow Cupcake day. The $340.10 raised will be donated to the “Penguin Rescue”.

Jennifer Joseph