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Perfect Day for a Mufti Day


Students at Sancta Maria College once again are helping our brothers and sisters at St. Luke’s Catholic Community. Students and staff alike showed our support for St. Luke’s and their journey towards building their new church.

Over the past couple of years, St. Luke’s has been working hard on fundraising for their new place of worship. And what better way to support our neighbouring parish than by keeping warm in the wet weather and donating a gold coin. Students and teachers of the school alike enjoyed the warmth and comfort of their mufti clothes on Friday. And this was also the opportunity for everyone to double the layers and put on their rain jackets due to the recent cold and wet weather here in Auckland.

It was amazing to know that many students got behind this worthy cause, considering this mufti day was optional. All the money raised by the students and staff goes towards the building of the new church as well as its contents.

This is not the final fundraiser towards this worthy cause. We have a music concert held by the music department being held soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the notices. Thank you again to everyone who has supported St. Luke’s and their journey towards building a church for their parishioners.

Faith Cruz