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Physical Education Studies Trip

Jennifer Zeng (Year 11)

On the 27th of May, the year 11 PE Studies class went to Vector Wero for a fun white-water rafting trip!

With the intention of learning about ‘Risks and Behaviours’ for their upcoming internal, the PE studies class ended the week with this amazing trip. The day started off at 9.00am, arriving at the Vector Wero white water park. Located near Vodafone event centre Manukau, they offer a range of activities such as rafting, paddle boarding and kayaking. Filled with white water rafting and making their way through the obstacle course, the day was a success.

“ Among the many memories made, one of the best highlights from the trip was dropping face first down a 4.5m waterfall! “ – Jade

Accompanied by Mr Camp and Mr Bali, it was an amazing experience for the PE Studies class and a something different from being in the classroom! A huge thank you to all the teachers for making this trip happen.