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Pompallier Shield Challenge


It was incredibly nerve-wracking for the participants, most of whom spent the ride to Macauley High School anxiously doing last minute prep. The Pompallier Shield is an annual competition for all Catholic secondary schools in Auckland, where the colleges compete in 5 categories: Maori scripture, Junior Scripture, Senior Scripture, Junior Speech and Senior oratory.

Alongside these competitive events, each school also prepares a religious dance or drama. This creates an evening full of fun and intensity where students also get to meet other Catholics of their age.

Accompanied by Mr Piggin, Miss Smith and Mr Tamayo, the representatives for Sancta Maria College were as follows:

Maori Scripture: Dominic Bidois

Junior Scripture: Alanna Santoso

Senior Scripture: Johnny El Boutty

Junior Speech: Joseph George

Senior Oratory: Kelly Mascarenhas

Religious Drama: Gail Calicdan, Mary Colmenar, Johnny El Boutty, Ella Flores

Each of these students did extremely well but unfortunately none received a prize. However, great effort was put in for preparation and it was an amazing experience for all involved. It was especially interesting to watch some of the entries from other schools – competition was very tough.

The evening went on until 8:30, Macauley High School being brilliant hosts, providing a free afternoon tea and dinner which satisfied even Mr Tamayo.

Sacred Heart College took home the grand prize, but Sancta Maria College will be back next year to (hopefully) take it away from them.

Alanna Santoso