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Pop-up Maker Space!

Running every second Thursday in the library during late start, is the engaging Pop-up Maker Space that provides an opportunity for students to tap into their innovative selves and let their creativity run wild. The librarians have organised this space for the intention of allowing students to utilise the resources they supply to express their ideas and put it into creations. 

Students are motivated to unleash their creativity and imagination with these resources while simultaneously collaborating with each other. The Maker Space includes lego, origami, robotics (cublets) and various other activities that inspires individuality and gets them crafty. Chloe Dangatan, a Year 9 student enthusiastic towards this space had said, “It’s so much fun having all these activities to express our creativity” and year 7 student new to the compelling experience, Jushtin Inamac had said, “We play fun games and activities with exciting materials like the cublets”. 

This is an excellent initiative that sparks imaginative thinking through their makings and motivates students to express themselves amongst their peers. The Maker Space welcomes all students, but particularly focuses on the juniors to get them out of their comfort zones and get involved in the crafty activities Sancta Maria has to offer. 

So come along inventive students, get crafty, let your creativity flow freely and have some fun in the Pop-up Maker Space!

Joseph George