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Praise and Pizza connecting youth

Hannah Ernszten

Sancta Maria College’s Youth Ministry Group participated in the “Praise and Pizza” event during term 1 of 2024 hosted at St. Peter’s College, alongside 15 other Catholic schools from the Auckland Diocese.

The event started with a special Mass led by St. Peter’s chaplain, involving different students from different colleges. After that, it was time for pizza! During this part of the event, we enjoyed pizza slices and chatted away, making new friends.

Through games and activities, we all got to know each other better, breaking down barriers and building friendships. For Sancta Maria’s Youth Ministry Group, the event was a reminder of our mission to spread kindness and live by our faith. As the event wrapped up, we said goodbye with smiles and memories, knowing that events like these bring people closer together.

The “Praise and Pizza” event was also a great reminder of the power of community, and we hope to continue these events throughout the rest of this year.