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Prefects for 2021 Announced!

After an anxious wait for the Year 12’s, the selection of the prefects for 2021 were announced on Wednesday, before the Year 13 giveback assembly.

These are the prefects for 2021:

Head prefects:

Head Girl – Gemma Holt

Head Boy – Felix Cheng


Deputy Head Prefects:

Deputy Head Girl, Special Character – Sydney Causer

Deputy Head Boy, Special Character – Nathan Pereira

Deputy Head Girl, School Community – Minju Kim

Deputy Head Boy, School Community – Elijah Rata



Academic – Ann Del Rosario and Josue Badenas

Sport – Alexandra Dougherty and Glenn Fromont

International – Cynthia Fang and Enrique Jugo

Performing Arts – Jenna Aspeling and Aiden Lloyd

Service – Mikayla Killip, Amanda Brabant and Alex McGivern

Wellbeing – Joyce Ecclestone and Andrew Choi

Student Ambassador/peer support – Abby Tay-Morrison and Angelo Tienzo

Kaitiakitanga/Enviro – Michiko Prichard and Sean Hancock

Cultural – Aaliyah Peterson-Tamakehu and Miriama Magele-Rees

House Prefects:

Akaroa – Michelle Dempsey and Lance Beltran

Hokianga – Georgina Berry and Callum McRae

Kororareka – Maddison Blincoe and Thomas Simpson

Waitemata – Aerin Henry and Miguel Fernandez


We congratulate these students!

Cyprus Causer