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Raising Awareness for our Brothers and Sisters


Last Wednesday, our Year 12s were enlightened about the exploitation of young children, particularly girls in various parts of the world.
Child Rescue speaker, Stacey Mitchell, came to talk and help raise awareness about the serious issue of sex trafficking which is happening around the world, most especially in South East Asia and in Central America. Stacey has been speaking at schools around New Zealand helping to gain support and raise our awareness of what is happening in our world.


Child Rescue is a non-profit Christian organization who have been helping children who are exploited by the sex trafficking industry. Child Rescue has been running since 2001 and has made a huge difference to the lives of many young children throughout the years. Stacey talked to us about how young women between the ages of 6-12 are lured into bars and brothels and end up being exploited.


Stacey also spoke about how they rescue the girls from the bars and brothels they are forced to work in. In addition, Stacey explained how Child Rescue helps give the girls a future through guidance and rebuilding their life so they can pursue their dreams and goals.


Child Rescue has saved 2,700 children since 2011 and rescued 670 children just last year. Their goal for this year is to save at least 1000 children or more by the end of the year and one way they can do this is by us being the voices of awareness, being defenders, advocates and praying for them.


To help Child Rescue, we will be having a mufti day to show our support and to raise awareness of young girls around the world who are in need of our help because of sex trafficking and exploitation. This mufti day will be in September, during Term 3.

Franchesca Fernandez