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Rapid rise up rankings for Zeth

For Zeth Oliver, who only took up the sport of jujitsu fourteen months ago, taking out the silver medal in both regional and national finals is no mean feat.

Zeth, a Y9 student at Sancta Maria College, said that his result at the National Championships was, “beyond all my expectations.” This was particularly so as Zeth, a yellow belt, had to defeat the regional gold medal winner on his way to the final.

Zeth took up jujitsu because it is an individual contact sport.
“Rather than relying on other team members,” he said,”you rely only on yourself, your endurance, your skill.”

Zeth is now in training for the next regionals which take place in two or three months time. This time round he is aiming for gold.

Zeth is waiting to see where the sport takes him and would like to compete internationally in the future.