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Rocking 2023 Rockquest

Maia Tay-Morrison

A bustling, suspenseful atmosphere filled Auckland Girls’ Grammar on Saturday 13 May, in time for the Manukau Rockquest heats 2023. Representing our school on Saturday were three bands showcasing their passion and talent for music at this year’s Rockquest competition.  

Smokefree Rockquest is an annual competition that aims to inspire young musicians to grow their talents and display them for others – it promotes having smoke-free homes and environments and this is a big aspect that makes up the Rockquest competition. 

Bands enter with original songs (no covers are allowed) and perform at area-based heats. Three of our school bands Modesty Blaise, Cesura and the Jazz Ducks presented their songs at the Manukau heats. 

One of the musicians described the evening’s feel as “Anxious yet electrifying”. The lively mood from Auckland Girls’ Grammar spread amongst the crows, with a packed audience and buzzing bands flooding the seats.  Ranging from metal, pop, jazz and rock bands, this event was a great way to immerse yourself in all kinds of music. Our school also brought a wide variety, with Cesura playing metal, Modesty Blaise performing a pop number and the Jazz Ducks a jazz-rock item. 

There was a whopping 30+ bands from the Manukau region fighting for a place in the top 12. The top 12 then have a chance to compete in the regional final, making it a very admirable achievement. We congratulate our band Cesura for getting into the top 12 – they will be going on to partake in the Manukau final in June.  We wish them all the best at that event. 

It takes a huge effort to compete in this competition and having original songs is quite an accomplishment. We give all the bands a huge congratulations and thanks to all their whānau and friends who have supported them on their journey to the stage.