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Igniting creativity in our budding story tellers

Johannah Matanguihan

As part of Writer’s Week (24-30 July 2023), senior students were very fortunate to have author Russell Meek come in to speak about his journey that inspired his book series “The Khalada Stone”, a fantastical Arabic-Nordic inspired four book series with a fifth one in the works. Holding several occupations ranging from writer to photographer to content creator, his versatile presentation provided valuable information from various areas of interest for students and the opportunities it could bring.

While not originally a ‘self-confessed’ keen writer, Meek was able to turn his love for travel and photography into written work that reflected the places he had visited, relationships he had fostered, and lessons he had learnt along the way. His works have been pitched to editors in America and he has even received an opportunity to turn one of them into a TV show. Meek also touched on some of his tips on how he formulated his ideas and the process of writing it into a book.

Following his presentation, Year 13 English and English Scholarship students were invited to attend a writing workshop with Meek in the library silent room. Students were guided through writing an outline for a story or film which identified focal parts of storytelling and the arcs that made up a plotline. Everyone was free to apply this to a pre-existing story or film, but of course they had the option to make up whatever they wished. This workshop was especially beneficial for crafting and drafting creative writing pieces whether it be for an assessment or for those who intend to pursue a storytelling career in the future.

Altogether, Meek’s presentation and workshop was informative as well as engaging for all students in not just the process of writing but also for how inspiration can come from related occupations. Thank you so much for the school, Librarian and staff who made the organisation of this event possible to make this year’s Writer’s Week all the more memorable!