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Samoan Culture celebrated in style

Nathaniel Kim

Samoan Language Week was celebrated from 28 May – 3 June 2023 at Sancta Maria College. The week-long event schedule gave everyone the opportunity to experience and celebrate the bright and strong heritage of the Samoan Culture. From Monday to Thursday activities and performances were planned to showcase the energy and pride in their cultural heritage.

Monday: Chalk and Music in the Courtyard (Dance performances with everyone joining in). 
There was chalk drawing of Samoan patterns, music in the courtyard and dancing by the Samoan Community in the school during lunch – you could feel the bright energy radiating from the community as they danced on stage with pride and joy in celebrating their culture and drew Samoan patterns with chalk. The music, drawing, participation, and energy from everyone was contagious as it drew in a crowd.

Tuesday: Dance Battle and Music in the Courtyard.
Here we had the Samoan community to face off in a friendly, and competitive dance battle between the boys and the girls. With popular Samoan songs playing both teams danced their hearts out with-it equal support from the crowd. Their dancing was so contagious it got people to join in to dance.

Wednesday: Cultural Activities and Music in the Courtyard.
There was music playing in the courtyard whilst there was a Samoan Scavenger hunt, were you find different phrases around C-Block to win prizes. Many people participated running around C-Block looking to find all the Samoan words around the courtyard, many people participated they needed more sheets to give out to people. With music playing in the courtyard there was an eager mind trying to find Samoan phrases learning them along the way.

Thursday: Movie in the Auditorium (Three Wise Cousins).
People watched as they ate their lunch enjoying a very iconic Samoan movie where they can relax after an energetic and uplifting week celebrating Samoan Language Week.

Overall Samoan Language Week was filled with great energy with lots of participation and positivity from everyone giving it their all to show off and learn about the Samoan culture. An exciting and happy week all thanks to the Community and Language Week Committee organising, planning and running the events which created a good atmosphere throughout students and Samoan community.