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Sancta Maria College put to the test. Are we tidy Kiwis?

A group of keen students joined Karl, one of our very own Kaitiakitanga prefect leaders last week for a Kahoot quiz to test their knowledge on the bin system used at the College.

The participants learnt a lot about being Tidy Kiwis by answering questions about what waste goes into which bins. At Sancta Maria College, we have three coloured bins at each bin station: red for landfill, yellow for recyclable items, and green for food waste.

Did you know that chewing gum cannot be placed in the food waste bin? Who would have thought that bread is the most wasted food? Students still incorrectly answered that plastic straws could be recycled! Unfortunately, plastic straws go into the landfill bin and it will take up to 1000 years to decompose. So if you are tempted to use a plastic straw today, think twice before doing so! As we all know plastic that makes its way into drains and reaches the sea may harm marine life.

The Kahoot quiz was a good starter point for our Kaitiakitanga prefects to identify how much the school community actually knows about what goes in the bins at school and why different types of rubbish should go in specific bins.

Alanna Santoso earned herself a $10 credit towards her tuck shop expenses by winning the quiz. Well done, Alanna!

Karl is a keen Tidy Kiwi and wishes to educate the school community about how to correctly use the bin stations at school so ALL of US can reduce the amount of landfill waste and ensure we recycle the correct items to build a sustainable environment.

Do you want to make a difference and become empowered students caring for your environment? Join the Enviroschools Schoology group (access code FR69R-SQPRD) to learn more about how to be a knowledgeable Tidy Kiwi!