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Sancta Maria College’s Annual Night Market


Ranging from plates for your laces, to plants and bubble tea, Sancta Maria College was a busy venue as the College hosted the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Night Market in the Auditorium. There were over 50 business groups from more than 20 different schools that participated in this event. Beginning at 5pm and finishing at 7pm, there were many products on sale to the local community.

This was a great opportunity for the students to see the fruits of their labour finally coming to fruition as many businesses successfully sold many of their products on the night. It was really an uplifting moment for many because all that hard work in setting up a business and creating a product all became worthwhile.

A huge thanks goes to all the parents and students from the local community who came along and viewed the business products. Another huge thanks to Mr Rogers, who teaches our Year 13 Business classes, for organising the whole night and making sure it ran smoothly. The night was made successful because the community took the time out to support all the business groups and their products.

David Patlong and Zoe Chou