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School Farewells Mr Bacon

Mr Bacon left us at the beginning of March to pursue his career closer to home and whānau.

He was a valued teacher for the last nine years, and member of the SLT. With his great presence and respect, he spearheaded a number of initiatives throughout the school that we hope will continue to flourish for years to come.

Before he left, we celebrated his journey at Sancta Maria College, summarised through our school values, which he embodied:

AROHA: ‘Aroha atu, aroha mai’ means ‘love received, love returned’ and that’s certainly been the case of the reciprocal relationships Mr Bacon formed at Sancta Maria College. He had a heart for the school – our students, the staff, our mission, vision, values, and virtues.

RESPECT: A man who wears his mana like a cloak with a great respect of everyone’s differences, Mr Bacon was a defender of the people who earned his respect.

FAITH: Ka tangi te haere, te tangata ki te whakapono:  A person taking up a faith does not do so quietly.  We know this about Mr Bacon.  Out of deep respect, Mr Bacon waits to see who may take the lead, but after a short while, such is his leadership, he then takes the lead.

HOPE: As we know, hope resides in the heart.  Mr Bacon has a big heart; he is caring, kind, and generous of spirit.

Thank you, Mr Bacon, for your constant presence during intervals and lunchtimes, your influence, passion and involvement in shaping our kapa haka, your wellbeing talks, positive mentoring, inclusivity and of course, infectious dance moves!  You will be missed!