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Senior and Primary students join musical forces

Elim College was the venue for last week’s Botany Music Festival, which featured performances from several schools, including a joint venture from Sancta Maria’s Primary School and College.

Aidan Chan (clarinet), Jackson Smith (glockenspiel) and Yesel Wang (trumpet) performed with our Primary School students in a group performance of ‘Galloping Home’ – readers of a certain age will remember that as the theme tune to the 1970s television series ‘The Adventures of Black Beauty’.

Patrick Ahn gave us a piano solo entitled ‘Time Travel’ before all of the performers combined to sing (and dance) a traditional African song as the finale. In the photo, you can just make out our shy and retiring seniors, who were at the back of the mass choir due to their height! We hope to join up with the primary school again in the future for more musical fun.

Mr Stuart Gibbs