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Senior students aiming to be high-flyers


Jack Farrell, Aimee Edwards, Oliver Tamayo, Angelo Matanguihan and Lorenzo Cruz were able to have an opportunity to find out about careers in aviation. We began our journey on July 31 and this throughout the term.

The students who are accepted into Gateway Aviation will have the opportunity to spend seven days at Auckland Aero Club. Along with undertaking industry-based unit standards and working towards Level 2 Credits. The Aviation Gateway Programme has been offered to senior students since 2007 and has been very beneficial to the participants.

Every Wednesday since the second week of Term 3, we leave school around 8:30am, with transport provided by Mrs Munday. We are driven to Auckland Aero Club at Ardmore, where we have 3 hours of class time to begin to learn the principles of Aviation, with the help of our instructors Avin and William. After the lessons, we are picked up around 12pm and returned to school.

At the end of term and through the holidays, we will take part in operating primary flight controls and will be soaring through the skies.

Lorenzo Cruz