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Shadowtech opens eyes and minds


Five of Sancta Maria College’s most promising digital technology students were invited to attend Shadowtech; a prestigious event focussing on nurturing the upcoming generation of female digital technology graduates. Shadowtech saw an array of girls from different backgrounds assemble to learn and discuss their possible futures in the digital technology industry.

The day started with briefings from some successful women whose journey in technology started as ours did – at Shadowtech. Following the talks the girls were relocated to their assigned companies to explore how digital technology was integral to the workforce. There were up to 50 possible companies to be assigned to, but the 3 companies visited by Sancta Maria College students were The Mind Lab, Theta, and Snap Commes.

A large board meeting with The Mind Lab employees located all across New Zealand taught Stella Cranwell and Sian Villareal the process of finding your place in the work force is not a journey that one travels in a straight line. Setbacks are an important part of improvement and failure is always experienced by all those in the digital technology industry.

Harini Pushpakumar, who was assigned to Snap Commes, relayed to us the message she had received from her day at the company: planning for your future in the industry is important, however having an open mind to all possibilities is just as vital. It’s all about finding the right balance that works for an individual person in their current stage of life.

Theta was visited by Sancta Maria students Truc Linh Phan and Jerseyleigh Gallardo and taught the girls the importance of not judging the digital technology industry by first appearances. Digital technology is a degree that appears to be constricted to solely programming positions, however there are so many more opportunities and roles in the industry that cater to all those fascinated in making a career out of digital technology.

Overall, Shadowtech was an event which opened the eyes of many New Zealand girls to the opportunities that the digital technology industry could offer them. The girls are so grateful for the valuable knowledge presented that will travel with the girls through college and tertiary education.

Stella Cranwell