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Shakespeare Pop-up Globe : Year 12 English Trip


Through the course of the play, we were captivated by the excellent tone and language of the well- known theatrical magnum opus. From the spellbinding introduction, through the trials of the star- crossed lovers and those around them, to the tense conclusion, we remained enraptured. Through the dramatic and surprisingly realistic deaths of Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris, and then finally Romeo and Juliet, the audience whooped and cheered accordingly. We at the spray of blood that occurred after Mercutio’s untimely death and clapped for the valiant efforts of a crawling, dying Tybalt. We cheered for the death of the unpopular Paris, who was so unceremoniously dumped into/through a grave/trapdoor, and applauded when Romeo yelled “I DIE,” oh so dramatically before he perished (the actor himself was laughing). However, the greatest sadness came from the moving death of the young Juliet as she stabbed herself violently in order to be with her love, Romeo. (spoilers!)

What started as a dreary, rainy (oh so rainy) morning, ended with the enthusiastic applause and adoration of the crowd at the conclusion of the performance. If there had been flowers to throw, the air would have been thick with them, such was the delight in the execution of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

It was still raining though.


Elizabeth Leaning and Gayle Lee