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SMC’s Toloa Tertiary Scholarship Winners

Cadence Alenepi (Year 12)

In late 2021, the Toloa Tertiary scholarship programme approached Sancta Maria in the hope of receiving talented Pacifica students categorized in STEAM areas (science, technology, arts and mathematics). To elaborate, the Toloa scholarship programme revolves around their core objective; to help Pacifica students thrive in STEAM – managed through requests by the Ministry of Education. Toloa implemented this idea through providing $2000 to each recipient – $1000 dedicated to school attendance dues and the rest of the money arriving in the form of a $1000 laptop. Toloa scholarship programme only accepts 150 students across New Zealand and 13 Sancta Maria students were awarded this scholarship for their recognized talent.

The recipients are:

Cadence Alenepi, Jonarren Pulevaka, Cayleigh-Ann Ngapaku, Kalolaine Taulisi, Layla Ngapaku, Mya Tubu, Salavaaia Lusi Ulupoao, Teresa Croker, Tevita Koloamatangi, Yalaina Tubu, Stephen Puluno , Gwendolyn Brighouse and Marina Jones.

SMC’s recipients of the Toloa scholarship not only displayed their individual talents that impressed the Ministry of Pacific Peoples, but demonstrated the discipline, enthusiasm and dedication to pursue a long future in their chosen field. All of these qualities are greatly admired, hence their recognition and support from the programme committee. Congratulations recipients for 2022!