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Socials Make a Return

Mikayla Killip and Nasya Chin (Year 13)

This year, the 40 Hour Famine Student Committee brought back socials and made them BIGGER, BOLDER and BETTER than ever! The school auditorium was jam packed with glow sticks, face-painting and posing at the photo booth. There was also no stopping the dance moves when it came to ‘Chris the DJ’s’ energetic music. An extra effort was even made to bring in Double Dutch Fries and Lalele Gelato Food Trucks which made snacking impeccable.

The Year 11 Lead Students of the committee displayed their passion and commitment into making the night memorable. With their hard work and effort, an outstanding $1,373 was raised! All profits will be going to World Vision, who are supporting the kids in sub-Saharan Africa currently facing a hunger pandemic.

Thank you to all the students who came to the social and made the night as successful as it was. We especially want to thank Marina’s dad: the DJ for the evening, who provided us with groovy music. A big thank you to the parents who worked in the kitchen, supervised, worked at first aid and donated ice-cream. Without their contribution, the social would not have been possible. It was definitely an unforgettable night!

Video recap by Alexandria Lazatin: