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Staff who joined us at the beginning of 2024

Lusia Koloamatangi and Ruiqi Jiang

Lorraine O’Carroll

Recently, Lorraine O’Carroll has been welcomed into the school as the new Head of the Mathematics and Statistics Department. This year, she hopes to contribute to the school community and help students achieve their utmost best in Mathematics and Statistics. Furthermore, she is eager to help students excel in their learning, ensuring that their future pathways are easily attainable. Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with her son and having a moment for herself to read.


Melissa Renner

As a new teacher of Visual Art, Design and Textiles Technology, Melissa Renner has come to Sancta Maria College with the aspirations of getting to know her students and becoming involved with school-wide activities. Other than teaching, she is a wedding photographer and powerlifter competitor who enjoys the exhilaration of lifting heavy weights.


Monique Fautuaali’i Taia

Monique Fautuaali’i Taia, the new Religious Education teacher for Years 9-12 has great passions coming into our school community. She wants her students to leave her classroom feeling confident in their abilities and hopes that her students can deepen their understanding of their faith with her guidance. When she is not preoccupied with teaching, she loves to keep fit. Whether it be going for long walks with her children or attending gym classes, she cherishes those moments of keeping active, clearing her mind, and releasing endorphins.


Yasmine Fernandes

Joining Sancta Maria College this year, Yasmine Fernandes is a Year 7 and 8 teacher. She aspires to develop and enrich her students’ passion for school, learning, and knowledge. She believes all students can do great things for themselves; she wants to illustrate the fun, adventure, and worth of their efforts during their school journey – “That growing up and becoming more mature is wonderful.” Yasmine Fenandes holds an avid passion for recreational activities like swimming and hiking. Currently, she is learning acrobatics and playing the guitar. She loves to be outdoors – even in the cold and wet.


Gregory Hawes

Gregory Hawes is one of two property assistants who maintain the safety of our college to preserve its’ pleasant environment for everyone. He also undertakes any maintenance required – preserving the aesthetics and beauty of our school. This year, Gregory Hawes intends to help discover a solution to our school’s rubbish and recycling. Furthermore, he wishes to reinitiate Sancta Maria’s award-winning environmental contributions from four years ago. When time permits, he hunts for deer in Taupo and the Wairarapa. He also is an enthusiastic supporter of the Warriors rugby league team. Otherwise, he spends time with his 8-year-old daughter.


Maria Corboy

This year, Maria Corboy joins our school as a medical officer with the ambition to maintain students’ safety and physical health. She desires to familiarise herself and connect with all students. During her free time, she values spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys going for walks and eating chocolate.