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Stand Up Stand Out sees DMG’s debut on stage

Monday, 8 August was the third and final day of our participation in the Stand Up Stand Out Competition heats (but we will be seeing our vocal group, Helta Scelta, perform in the Final on Friday, the 26 August, at the Vodafone Arena).

This time, it was the bands’ heat and one of our Year 8 rock bands, DMG, took to the stage. They were the youngest band at the event and were a credit to the school with their rendition of Kasabian’s ‘Underdog’. Their use of the large orchestral cymbals for a deafening crash on the song’s final chord brought a loud cheer of approval from the crowd.

This was their debut performance and will stand them in good stead for their participation in the upcoming Band Quest competition on the 27 August, where they will be joined by two other bands from Sancta Maria College.