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Star Cheerleader, Brooke Gallagher, brings home medals


Brooke Gallagher is a Champion Cheerleader who recently travelled to Melbourne, Australia to compete in a Cheerleading competition, where participants from around Australia and New Zealand vied for the ultimate prize.

Brooke cheers for the Howick Pakuranga All Star Fame Rock Stars and has been cheerleading for six years. Her team worked extremely hard in the lead up to the Melbourne competition and Brooke cheered for 2 teams, winning medals by placing 2nd and 3rd.

It was a proud moment for the team and definitely an awesome achievement. For Brooke it was not something new because the Year 8 student has been able to achieve and experience great success in other competitions in many different parts of the world. 

Last year she got to travel to a place some can only dream of going and that was to the beautiful island of Hawaii. She went up against contestants from around the world and secured a remarkable fourth placing.

Also a few weeks ago she took part in a competition on the North Shore and placed 1st and 2nd. She sure is a talented cheerleader and that talent has spread to sports like netball and tennis, which Brook also plays and enjoys.

For a junior student she is accomplishing so much and, on top of travelling around the country and around the world for competitions, she trains twice a week and also juggles the demands of school as well.

Brooke said that the reason she got involved with cheerleading is because one day she was watching it on TV with her friends and became interested in doing it herself. She also said that to be a great cheerleader you need to be flexible, agile and able to perform a lot of flips and incorporate gymnastics.

Brooke spoke about what she loves most about cheerleading and she said being able to have fun with her friends is the best part and it is so cool to see someone with huge passion, ambition and a great work ethic, doing incredible things.

Shontelle Matano