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The Sancta Maria Way

The Special Character is based on the values and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The students receive religious instruction as a component of the curriculum delivery and their development as young people with sound values and a genuine care for others is a priority for the school.
This is reflected in their respect and concern for others on a daily basis as they go about discovering and developing their talents.

Unlike most Catholic Colleges in New Zealand, Sancta Maria’s Charism is unrelated to that of a founding Religious Order. Our Charism (the spirit by which we seek Christ) is linked with the missionary zeal of Aotearoa’s first Catholic Bishop, Jean-Baptiste François Pompallier and his strong devotion to Mary.

Bishop Pompallier first celebrated Mass in New Zealand on Saturday 13 January AD1838 in the Hokianga. It was at this Mass that our first Bishop dedicated Aotearoa to the protection of Mary under the title of her Assumption. Just as Pompallier identified Mary’s importance in establishing the faith in New Zealand, Sancta Maria College extols Mary’s position as our primary intercessor and model of piety. We find particular inspiration in Mary’s example of humble service, particularly as seen in the feast of the Visitation, which we celebrate as our feast day.

In 1840 Bishop Pompallier purchased a schooner and renamed her the “Sancta Maria” – it was from this vessel that our College’s name originated. While this ship enabled Pompallier to transport the faith the length and breadth of Aotearoa and beyond, the faith in New Zealand today is more appropriately attributed to the true Sancta Maria, our Holy Mother, who sails us to heaven’s shores.

Sancta Maria College’s Charism therefore is to sail through life with “Faith as our Compass”, our sails filled with Mary’s breath as we journey towards eternal communion with God in heaven.

Underpinning the curriculum at Sancta Maria College are the following twelve values: (corresponding to the twelve stars in Our Lady’s crown of glory – Rev 12:1)

Faith Hope Love Curiosity Equity Forgiveness
Humility Integrity Justice Resilience Respect Service