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Students and Staff Dress-Up for Literacy Day


Book character dress up day is a time when students, and staff, can come to school dressed up as a book character and take part in a range of activities.

First thing in the morning, we came into the library’s silent room where we were greeted by a range of teachers also dressed up. We then sat down and the teachers read us some parts of their character’s story. We had Ophelia from Hamlet, Winnie-the-Pooh character, Eeyore and Great Expectations’ Miss Havisham.

We also had a guest poet, John Carr, author of over 150 books, who spoke to the students participating in the Literature Dress Up Day, reciting poems and encouraging us all to channel our inner creativity. We then moved down to the auditorium where we were had a book quiz.

We are divided into 12 teams, and we had 5 categories with 10 question in each. The winning team (Team 12), aka The Misfits, were leading the competition right up to the end with Team 11 coming in just 1 point behind in 2nd place and Team 2, The Book Worms coming in third, again by one point.

At lunch time there was a costume competition for those with the best outfits and some students and staff had really gone all out with their designs.

Overall it was a great day and looking at other people’s creative work and recognisable characters was great fun. I would certainly recommend entering next year when ‘Dress Up Day’ comes around.

Kayleigh Pieters