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Students attend UN Youth High School Ambassadors Training Hui

On Saturday, Stella Cranwell, Jennifer Zeng, and Samara Anubhav had the privilege of participating in the UN Youth Training Hui for High School Ambassadors. These 3 students have been offered a leadership role to spread awareness of global affairs in Sancta Maria College. Therefore, Saturday was an opportunity to learn about how they can fully utilize their leadership role.

Held at the University of Auckland, the day started with a welfare workshop. This discussed the wellbeing of students, helping the High School Ambassadors to learn about how they can support themselves and others when their hauora weakens.

Followed by this was a workshop about how to prepare a model United Nations for our school. This is a debate between people representing different countries, arguing on a specific resolution. Look out for this event throughout the year as the ambassadors will try their best to hold one with our school and other ones in our region!

After having lunch, there was a ‘Civics and Expectations’ workshop. Students learnt more about civics and brainstormed ideas of how we can spread more awareness around this in our schools. They also learnt what will be expected as a High School Ambassador, and how they can appropriately use their role.

As a result, all of the discussions, interaction with students from other schools (while maintaining social distancing), and new learning caused the Training Hui to be an exciting event with heaps of fun. A special shoutout to the UN Youth Committee who organised this amazing event for us.

The Sancta Maria College students are thrilled to start a club at school and hopefully organise some entertaining events for everyone during 2021.

Samara Anubhav