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Students from China visit the College


Time passes by so quickly, that the Chinese study group from Shanghai Jincai Experimental Junior Middle School have completed their study tour in NZ and returned back to China. At the same time, there is another group of students who are preparing for their exciting journey to NZ.

This study group comes from Su Zhou Fu Li Middle School, founded in 1942 in SuZhou, China. There are 17 Year 9-10 students who will be staying in NZ for a week.

Since the study group is only going to stay about a week, it is unlikely that the Chinese students can actually become familiar with NZ’s lifestyle and way of teaching. Yet due to this cultural difference, we have the opportunity to learn with the Chinese students.

Any interaction at anytime, anyplace, is a special moment, especially when there is a distance over 10000km that lies between the origins of the two groups of people. Therefore, we should cherish and enjoy it while we l can this week.

“Read thousands of books while traveling thousands of miles,” is a well-known Chinese motto of Fu Li Middle School. The students come to NZ while following this motto and are willing to share their outlook on the study tour.

This is the fourth time that our school welcomes students from Su Zhou Fu Li Middle School. We should give thanks to all the staff, teachers, and students, who are organizing and involved in this event.

Finally, we wish that they will enjoy their study tour and have a wonderful experience during their time in NZ.

Jolin Chen