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Students visit MIT for look at nursing


A visit to the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) for an outside school experience focussed on nursing provided great insight to students who are interested in becoming a nurse or just in widening their options. The day included testing urine samples, performing CPR on dummies and walking through a “university student’s life”.

On May 15 our Year 12 and 13 students’ day began with a short tour of the new and interesting MIT building on our way to the labs. When we arrived, the lab was sectioned according to various aspects. This included a group of microscopes showing various parts of the skin. Another section was available for a urine sampling test. Students learnt that urine samples can test for diabetes and other ailments without the patient having to undergo various other tests and scans. Furthermore, another table displayed the human anatomy and various petri dishes with bacteria.

The next segment was focussed on manequins and dummies. A simulation was set up and the students were put in a situation where they were treating a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an illness with a common symptom of wheezing. The simulation was set in a hospital room with a hospital bed and the patient sleeping with an obvious sound of wheezing. The students were able to use stethoscopes and hear the patient breathing more clearly.

Next, a thorough explanation of the process of CPR was executed and the students were able to practice it with the dummies while also using imitation defibrillators.

The day ended with a talk from the lecturers about the pathway to nursing which provided the students with an awareness of what it is like to study nursing and to become a registered nurse.

Crisha Cruz