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Super Cars

A number of Sancta Maria College students were taken by Mrs Vercoe, Mrs King and Mr Camp to Supercars at Pukekohe Raceway. Supercars is a collection of races that take place on many different racetracks over a period of months.

The students who went on Friday saw only one day of it. There were a variety of cars racing but the big drawcard was the V8 supercars. Scott McLaughlin is the defending champion and is currently tied for the most wins in a single season. If he wins another race he will have the record for the most wins in a single season.

While there were races going on there were also other things that you could go and do. You could walk around and see the people working on engines and see the cars that would be racing. There were a variety of cars from Ford Mustangs to Formula 2 and the V8 super cars. There were also some cars on show just for looking at, like one Formula 3 car. At some times of the day you could even walk on the track.

Our Careers Centre took students who are really interested in cars and are thinking about going into one of the many areas of car racing as a career. While at the event you could buy merchandise, get signed posters and watch races.

Benedict Loulie-Wijtenburg