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Talented students create works of art


In preparation for the Stella Maris Shield on the November 22nd, talented artists from Year 7&8 homerooms are giving up their lunchtimes to create an outstanding piece of artwork displaying the theme of “How God wants to see the world”.

Organised by Miss Smith, the art category of the Stella Maris Shield requires a group of 3 students from each homeroom to create a work of art depicting the theme with only the supplies and materials provided. So far, the groups are in the beginning stages of creating an exotic art piece to impress the judges, each in their own different style. Many have decided to use imagination and reality in their art, using flags to resemble unity, while others are using metaphorical symbols to accomplish this task.

The homerooms have each been given a different ‘miscellaneous item’, ranging from patterned paper to colourful sequins. Part of their brief is to incorporate these into the masterpieces in a creative way – providing a challenge for some with more unusual craft supplies.

Each group’s plan is unique and creative, making it difficult to see who will come out on top at the end of the competition – what’s clear is that it will be close.

Good luck to all participants in the Stella Maris Shield!

Alexandria Lazatin and Alanna Santoso