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Thai study group farewelled


With the arrival of autumn, term 1 is comes to an end. Sadly, the Thai Study Group will be returning to Thailand during the term break. Sancta Maria College held a shared lunch on Thursday, to farewell them and to show our appreciation.

The Thai students have been in NZ for around a month. During this short time they have developed the confidence to communicate, interact, and share their thoughts with Sancta Maria College students. It is fantastic to be able to understand each other’s culture and personal perspectives and to have widened our knowledge of a different culture.

The lunch was held Thursday lunchtime to thank them for giving our students such an awesome opportunity to learn about their country and traditions. There was incredible food provided, and everyone enjoyed their lunch while conversing freely. This lunch shows the success of how well each student embraced and welcomed each other like family members. It is lovely to see how our school community consists of so many different cultures and values.

“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be very boring.”

This is a very positive experience for both Thai students and our students as we enjoyed and shared our different cultures and values. We thank our new friends for spending a month in NZ with us and wish you all the best on your return to Thailand.

Jolin Chen