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Thanksgiving Mass

The final mass of the year was held last week, our annual Thanksgiving Mass.

The entire school, as well as some invited guests, such as the principals from the nearby schools, came together to celebrate this special occasion.

The mass was a beautiful event that helped all of the students give thanks for the past, very disrupted, year.

With students helping to lead the events, the mass was a reflection of how far the school has come this year, even with the disruptions that COVID has bought.

As is tradition, the Mass also featured the handing over of the college candle from the present head prefects to the new head prefects.

Gemma Holt and Felix Cheng, Head Boy and Head Girl for 2021, were honoured to receive the lit candle from our current Head Boy and Head Girl, Tristan Tualagi and Francesca Adams.

As the final chords of the last song faded away the school was feeling refreshed and ready to finish the year off on a positive note.

Kayleigh Pieters