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The 3rd netball game of the season


Passing balls, fast moving feet and the shrill whistles from umpires, it was the third game of netball for this season. The HPNC courts were buzzing with players and their supporters. For some teams, this brought on a challenge, for others a chance to show off their skills.

The results of this Saturday’s games are:

Champs: 8A – Tie 20/20

Champs: 8B – Loss 9/33

Flight 2: 8C – Loss 7/27

Champs: 7A – Loss 10/15

Flight 1: 7B – Won 17/8

Flight 2: 7C – BYE

Flight 2: 7D – Loss 3/01

We are looking forward to playing the next game.

Cyprus Causer