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The Bla-Hoodie has you covered

One of our Year 13 Business groups is selling oversized blanket hoodies to make sure you, your family and friends, stay warm and comfy during the cold winter.

Kohan Paterson (CEO), Zeth Oliver (Financial Manager), Chrisville Arona (Head Productions), Dylan King (Communications Manager) and Henry Hoh (Marketing Manager) have launched their product, the Bla-Hoodie.

“We think our product can bring a lot of joy to people. Our aim is to try to be a successful small business in the community and then hopefully branch out into a bigger market-place.”

“Bla-hoodie” was inspired by the group’s urge to find a catchy name that combined the two commodities they used to make their product. These Bla-hoodies are made from blankets, and are sewn together into a hoodie by Chrisville, Dylan, and Henry.

Their product is currently being sold, and they are taking orders now! It is $60 for 1 Bla-Hoodie. However, there is a special offer where you can get 2 for $90, saving $30.

You can directly order one for yourself at their Instagram page, or if you have any more inquiries ask away using their contact info listed below.

Instagram: Bla_Hoodie

Facebook: Bla-Hoodie


Alexandria Lazatin