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The Christmas Spirit and Origami Fills the Air


Over the past two terms, the Origami Club, led by Ms Kevern, have been busy folding pieces of paper of a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, into fancy designs. As the school year comes to an end with the Advent season leading us to Christmas, it is time for the Origami Club to spread Christmas cheer using the Japanese art of Origami.

On Wednesday, December 5, a small group from the club, led by Ms Kevern and Mr Tamayo, went to the Radius Waipuna Rest Home to finish their goal of spreading Christmas cheer to our wider school community via various rest homes.

Before the main action of decorating, the students and teachers gathered with the residents to share the season by singing Christmas carols together. There were other musical pieces relating to the theme of Christmas, including William Kevern (trumpet), Sian Villeran (violin), and pianist Hayley Kevern performing. Everyone got to sing along, including the staff of the rest home.

Now on to the main part, decorating. There were two rooms we got to decorate. Streamers and colourful decorations were everywhere and were instantly mounted on to walls, trees, and tables with Blu-Tack, tape, and anything else we could get our hands on. We went around the two separate rooms with stars, streamers, ornaments, and all sorts of Christmas themed origami.

While we were busy with the decorating, Mr Tamayo decided to sing more songs, even singing in Tagalog! With the help of our fellow students and rest home staff, we successfully decorated the two rooms and brought Christmas cheer to the Radius Waipuna Rest Home Residents.

Ethan Siao