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The Haka Party Incident

Johann Ang (Year 11)

“It was a really fun and very educational trip!” Maryam Shah.

On the 29th March, many Drama students went to ASB Waterfront Showgrounds to watch the Haka Party Incident, a play which took 5 years to be put together. All the students had a great time!

Characters in the Haka Party Incident were engineering students at Auckland University. Every year they would go around and do the Haka, but in a rude and disrespectful way. They were repeatedly asked to stop, but they never listened. The people doing their mock haka were eventually confronted by the activist group, He Taua. They protested and protested, but only violence ensued.

With racism and cultural appropriation being main themes, the Haka Party Incident is based on a true event that happened in New Zealand many years ago.

The students who went would like to thank Mrs. Oliver for the extremely educational opportunity, as it helped them understand more about our own history as well as some performance techniques needed for their externals.