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The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme


The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is a great opportunity for our Year 13 Business Studies students to show their full potential and get a glimpse of the real world. Each set of students create their own business and bring it to the market. There is $25,000 national prize money ready to be won as well as other regional awards, prizes and tertiary scholarships. On Wednesday May 15 our Year 13 Business Studies students made their presentations.

This Enterprise programme uses both teachers and members of the business community to provide an experience that is both authentic and relevant to the world we live in. The programme pushes students to their full entrepreneurial potential. Using collaboration in teams is a big part of succeeding and teaches students proper communication skills for the future. This programme aims to teach students to be smart with their money so that they can have more choices in their future.

Through this competition, students develop different skills to help them in their future career. This project inspires young people to discover their potential in business and develop skills for life. They learn how to plan and run a real business and engage in entrepreneurial experiences. Part of their challenge and learning process is that they will consult with and create networks in their community.

Part of their many challenges is ‘The Pitch’. Each company gets a 5-minute opportunity to present their product or service idea to a panel of judges from the local business community. The judging for this is broken down into five parts:

· business idea and the innovative aspects of the product or service

· customers, promotional and sales strategies

· production or operations

· finances

· quality and creativity of the pitch

You can tell that this challenge required a lot of effort and hard work. This competition definitely challenged our students and enhanced their learning as well. We congratulate our Year 13 Business Studies class for taking part.

Jennifer Zeng