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The Science Roadshow – Learning in Disguise


The Science Roadshow generated a sense of awe and wonder to junior students at Sancta Maria College, allowing us to stop in pensive thought as we learnt the complex ins and outs of how, and why, the world that surrounds us works.

A wide range of hands on activities provided students the opportunity to investigate the inner workings of science in a fun and engaging way, that excited our imaginations. We were encouraged to explore and examine each booth with intensive thought, whilst also enjoying the experience. A few of the students’ favourite science booths included the “Human Gyroscope,” “Bed of Nails” and “Bubble Surround”.

Not only did students get the pleasure of these booths, but we were also able to have an educational presentation, with friendly scientists from the Road Show. This “educational presentation” may sound like a bore at first glance, but in fact, it was the complete opposite! The scientists were keeping us entertained by setting things on fire, creating elephant toothpaste, and of course, making thing explode.

Overall, the Science Roadshow was such an amazing opportunity for Sancta Maria College’s junior students, that disguised learning as fun-pack activities and displays. The smiles on students’ faces and sense of amazement spoke volumes as we interacted with the complex world of science.

Hannah Dangatan