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Thursday in New Caledonia


After two big days of excitement Thursday rolled around quickly with the students starting off the day by visiting the Consulate General of New Zealand. The journey however took longer than expected as our navigation and mapping skills weren’t very good at leading us in the right direct. Yet after some time of exploring the interesting streets and receiving some help from the locals, we finally found the place.

After our quick meeting, and being informed of the history of New Caledonia, we travelled down to the nearby markets in the city centre. To our surprise the place was packed with people selling all kinds of small trinkets, New Caledonian clothes, food and much more. Though it was a bit overwhelming at the beginning we all loved the experience of the culture and endulging in such a unique environment; with of course everybody speaking in French.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to practice our French speaking with shop owners who we bought items from, and gain an insight into the culture of Nouméa. After spending time buying souvenirs for families and eating a delicious French lunch, we walked in the warm sun to the Musée de la Secondre Geurre Mondiale.

The museum gave an interesting history of New Caledonia’s significance in the war, and allowed the students to understand and connect into the history of the place they were staying. After an hour we went by bus to our next destination which was French lessons at the Institut Voltaire, where we learnt French vocabulary and ‘grammaire’ in a fun learning environment. This experience was very interesting for the students as we got to have many opportunities to practice speaking French.

Slowly our classes came to an end and we all tiredly travelled back to the high school Blaise Pascal by bus, absolutely thrilled yet exhausted from the big journey experienced that day. Another busy day, which was an experience not to forget. Bonne nuit!

Francesca Adams