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Top Spot and the Trophy for Intermediate 2

The Intermediate 3×3 Playoffs Week finished with a bang, with Intermediate 2 defending their first place standing by taking down second placed rivals Intermediate 5 in a nearly perfect Grand Final run.

During the week, eight Year 7&8 teams had the chance to play for the title and trophy. Every day, the numbers of teams still able to participate cut down by half. First, eight, then four and finally down to two. By Tuesday, Teams 2 and 5 broke through close semi-final matches to make the Grand Final, watching the other six teams play for a placing on Thursday.

Unlike the other 3×3 games, the Grand Final has a ten-minute stop clock. During the competition, games let the clock run for ten minutes. However, because the Grand Finals have a game on their own, the clock stops on every whistle in a full pursuit for both teams to get either twenty-one points or the most points in ten minutes to win the title of Inaugural Junior 3×3 Champions.

Year 8 rising star Logan Wood found the matches challenging. “The game felt so much longer than I was used to, and I just got so tired,” he said.

The half court was filled by senior and junior students eager to watch the game and show their support and there were a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” and a lot of screaming that filled the entire gymnasium.

Some College 3×3 players were also there to watch the young talent go all out with the hopes that they may be on the court playing for the title and trophy in a week’s time. Many had the feeling it was going to be a close game.

Unfortunately for Team 5, they were trailing 11-0 in the first couple of minutes before scoring their first basket. And even as they attempted to close the gap, it just grew bigger. In the dying seconds of the game, Logan sealed the deal for Team 2 by scoring a deep two-pointer to reach twenty-one points and win the game 21-4.

Logan has contributed greatly both offensively and defensively. His ability to score inside and outside the arc combined with his tall stature is what has made him stand out. But he also explained that the whole team played a part this season.

“After all the work my team and I did we did not want to lose the final,” remarked Logan. “I was quite surprised at how well my teammates performed especially when I was injured and I’m so proud of them for getting the win today.”

The final standings are shown below:

1. Intermediate 2 (1st before Playoffs)

2. Intermediate 5 (2nd before Playoffs)

3. Intermediate 8 (4th before Playoffs)

4. Intermediate 7 (3rd before Playoffs)

5. Intermediate 1 (6th before Playoffs)

6. Intermediate 6 (5th before Playoffs)

7. Intermediate 3 (7th before Playoffs)

8. Intermediate 4 (8th before Playoffs)

With the Intermediate 3×3 Season finished, all eyes are set on the College 3×3 Playoffs, which will cap off the remainder of the basketball season. With even more spectators and intense matchups, these playoffs are going to be bigger and better. This is something you don’t want to miss out so come along to the gym during lunchtimes and keep an eye on the school’s Instagram page for updates.

Ethan Siao