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Tournament Week Day 3

A day of mixed fortunes with the football girls recording their first win and our netballers finding themselves up against tough opposition once again.

The Sancta Maria Prem netball team had another day with undesirable results. In the first game against Morisson College, the score was 26-39 and in the second game against Wentworth College, the score was 32-35, a much closer effort. Overall the girls are enjoying meeting other enthusiastic players and bonding as a team.

The Sancta Maria football girls came up with their first win today against Aotea College! While the conditions were perfect (if not a little too much so), and the girls spirits were high, they certainly made it difficult for themselves throughout the match. A bit of goal-tennis seemed to be happening with the Sancta girls trading goals with the opposition every 5 minutes or so for parts of the game. Sancta Maria were certainly the dominant team, but silly mistakes and lapses of concentration let Aotea back into the game, right up until the last few minutes where the Wellington girls slotted another one, to bring them within 1 goal of finding their first point of the tournament. Luckily our girls held onto their 5-4 win and will be looking to step up their performance tomorrow when the play-offs for 17th-24th position begin. Goals scorers: Kristy Attenberger (2), Anna Jury, Dayna Ruka and Sophie Ruka.

Hockey results did not come through in time today. Hopefully we will catch up with those tomorrow.