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Visiting Tsukuba City


Visiting Tsukuba City, Andrew Huynh is using his mind to direct the movement of the arm of a robotic suit. It utilises the brain’s electron pulses to send messages to the sensors on the robotic suit that he is wearing on his arm. It has amazing health applications.

Tsukuba city is home to a number of museums devoted to advanced science and technology.
At the Science Square Tsukuba, visitors can get hands-on experience of robots and future technology, while the Geological Museum features earth science and the Tsukuba Botanical Garden has about 5,000 examples of domestic and exotic plants.

It also includes the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Tsukuba Space Centre, which sits on a spacious 530,000-sq.-metre site and serves Japan’s space projects, including the development and operation of satellites, astronaut training and the promotion of manned space activities.
In addition to its mission, the exhibition hall Space Dome allows visitors to see real rocket engines, full-scale satellite models and a life-size model of the Kibo, the Japanese experiment module for the International Space Station.