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Waitematā House Prefects for 2023

Aaron Santoso

Throughout these series of articles, we get to learn more about our school Prefects, their roles, background, and aspirations. Today we are introduced to the Waitematā Prefects, Jayden Lai and Yelaina Tubu.

Jayden Lai

Jayden Lai is passionate student for sports. He is involved with the school’s volleyball and football teams. He also loves music and plays the guitar. His favourite subjects are physics and Physical Education studies. When he finishes school, he plans to go into Engineering.  Jayden became a Prefect to have the opportunity to lead a big group of students. He says that his role as Waitematā house Prefect is to be a role model for younger students and host activities for them. He wants to inspire other students. He says that “everyone should just be themselves, don’t be ashamed”.

As Waitematā house Prefect, Jayden’s goal is to win the house cup for 2023. He wants to raise the enthusiasm and house spirit of younger students and to make school life more fun and enjoyable. He also wants to be more active within the school and get more involved.


Yelaina Tubu

Yelaina has a strong passion for sports, playing both Netball and Rugby. She is also part of the Kapa haka group, loves music, and plays the drums.  She plans to study neuro-science when she leaves the school next year.  Yelaina applied for her role as Waitematā Prefect to make a difference in the school.  She believes her responsibilities as Prefect involves being a role model to younger students, stepping out of the comfort zone to lead her house, and hosting activities.  Her goals as Waitematā house Prefect are to win the house cup, be more involved in the school, and improve the overall house spirit of the school.  Her message for fellow students in the school is, “Don’t let anyone stop you from what you want to do. If you believe you can do it, do it.”

We congratulate Jayden Lai and Yelaina Tubu for their well-deserved roles as Waitematā house Perfects.  We wish them all the best of luck for the upcoming year.