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Waste Audit

Students and staff volunteers gloved up to help sort and weigh rubbish in the Waste Audit held by the Enviro Team last Friday. The purpose of this audit was to help determine the amount and types of waste our school produces.

Rubbish from all around the school was collected and placed on a tarp just outside the auditorium. The helpers were tasked to sort the trash into five different groups: organic waste, soft plastics, paper/cardboard, recyclable items, and landfill waste.

Doing this was not an easy job. The pile was filled with all sorts of rubbish, starting from unwanted homework to week old, mouldy pizza! But after all their hard work of sorting and weighing, the students and staff were able to enjoy a cup of coffee or chocolate.

After analysing the results of the audit, the Enviro Team was able to discuss and come up with ways to improve and lessen our school’s waste as well as their goals for the near future.

A special thanks to all those involved and to Mrs McCreath for organising this event.