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We have lift off


This term for science, students from 8BRN, 8CLE, 8DNN and 8LIS have been working with the Wonder Project completing the Rocket Challenge. Each class was allocated an ambassador who helped us learn about things like Newton’s Three Laws, aerodynamics, air pressure, centre of pressure (we needed the centre of pressure to be back towards the fins) and gave us ideas on how to modify our rockets.

The students were in crews of three, and together they had to design and engineer a rocket using 1.5L soda bottles, and plastic or cardboard for fins. Some groups even attached a parachute underneath their nose cone!

The crew consisting of Jayden Franso, Oliver Hunter and Sean Van Tiel designed and engineered a very successful rocket that travelled nearly 60 metres! Another crew consisting of Luke Presnall, James Dunne and Max Taylor had a flight time of just over 6 seconds!

The Rocket Challenge has been a great experience for all Year 8s involved, with the multiple launches being a major highlight! We would like to thank our ambassadors; Colin, Neha, Alyka and Kathy, who gave up their time to help us.