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What an ‘amazing’ Retreat


On Wednesday the Year 8 students went on Retreat. It was a special time to reflect on their faith and thoughts. The theme for the Retreat was “Friend in me” and the students did a lot of activities relating to the theme. The activities consisted of: Building bridges, an Infinity War Maze and making an anchor.


Our first activity was trying to build and copy a model of a bridge shown to the designers. When the teams were building, there was a twist. Some of their team-mates were blindfolded and some were not able to speak. The aim of this activity was to show how challenging and difficult a friendship can be.


Our second activity was the Infinity War Maze. Students were blindfolded and had to make their way through the maze to achieve the “infinity stones” (lollies). The groups had to help guide the person blindfolded. The aim of this activity was to show that you need to trust others to guide you.


Our final activity was designing an anchor. On the anchor, we had to write about the things that described our strengths. This anchor represented that no matter the challenges or the experiences we have, that the strengths on our anchor will keep us grounded. We would like to thank LOGOS for the amazing experiences we had through these activities, and Miss Smith for organizing the special day.

Francesca Camacho